Digital Imaging

At Brookside Smiles, we are committed to patient education and our intraoral camera allows us the ability to show you exactly what we see during diagnosis.

We find that patients are much happier with the ability to see what we are diagnosing, as opposed to trying to visualize it in their minds with just a description.


Digital Radiography

Our office is equipped with digital radiographs, which means less radiation for you!

Not only do digital x-rays deliver up to 96% less radiation than conventional x-rays, the image quality and the abilities to enlarge the images help significantly in proper diagnosis.

Digital radiographs use an electronic sensor that captures and stores the digital image on our computers.


DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detection Aid

The DIAGNOdent uses advanced laser technology to detect cavities within the tooth structure. The device measures laser fluorescence within the tooth. The readings determine whether or not treatment is necessary. If the tooth has a healthy clean substructure, there will be little to no fluorescence and the resulting measurement will be negligible.

If the tooth substructure is altered with the presence of bacteria and caries, there will be a much more significant level of fluorescence and the resulting measurement will be higher.

The DIAGNOdent is an extremely accurate, safe and non-invasive method of caries detection.