Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns

In some situations, teeth cannot be restored by fillings alone. When a tooth has had a root canal, or has extensive decay that undermines the stability of the tooth, it requires a crown.

A crown is a covering that is made to look exactly like a tooth, and is cemented on to your tooth structure, thereby ensuring that the tooth is protected. Since the crown covers the entire circumference of the tooth, it helps strengthen the tooth for function.

Dental Bridges

In situations when a patient has missing teeth, and an implant is not a viable option, whether due to finances or lack of adequate bone support, a bridge may be placed.

Bridges are made in a similar manner to crowns. The difference being that multiple crowns may be used as the anchors for the bridge that is being placed. The bridge tooth that is replacing the missing tooth is fused between the crowns that hold the bridge in place.